The 9th Girl – Review

Currently on Loan from the Library:

 The 9th Girl by: Tami Hoag

 Zoe’s Tale by: John Scalzi

 Cold Wind by C.J. Box

 Another Man’s Moccasins by: Craig Johnson

 The Dark Horse  by: Craig Johnson

 River of the Gods by: Ian McDonald


Other Books I’m Reading: 

 World War Z by: Max Books

 Anathem by: Neal Stephenson  

Tami Hoag is another one of those authors I either hate or love depending on the book.  For instance, I’m a big fan of her protagonist Elena Estes from Dark Horse and The Alibi Man.  I’m not such a big fan of her Deer Lake series, or really any of her romance novels.  Her newly published book The 9th Girl is the fourth installment in Tami’s,  Kovac and Liska series.  The prior books, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, and Prior Bad Acts were all strong work.  


The 9th Girl starts with Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska being called to a scene on the highway New Years Eve.  The car the murdered girl was being transported in hit a huge pothole on the freeway, the trunk popped open and she popped out.  The horrified limo driver who sees the girl pop out of the trunk creates a serious traffic jam, and the cops are called.  The poor dead girl had been stabbed, and her face has been partially melted with acid, leading the reporters to dub her “Zombie Doe”.  The dead girl is the 9th Jane Doe case of the year.  She is also, Kovac suspects, the 9th victim of a serial killer the news has started calling Doc Holiday.  Liska is not so sure. 


Meanwhile, Nikki Liska, divorced Mom of two sons is having problems at home.  Her older son, Kyle, who is fifteen is having problems at school.  She’s feeling guilty about her hours.  She’s feeling guilty about not being closer to Kyle.  And the fact that she’s investigating the brutal murder of a child who could be her son’s class mate, is not helping matters.  


Then the crazy starts.   


Sensitive readers should probably be aware that the forensic scenes are a touch graphic.  However, if you’re a fan of the genera, they are probably nothing that will surprise you.  


On the whole I enjoyed this book.  I like that Kovac calls his tiny blond partner “Tinks” short for Tinker Bell.  I like that she calls him “Kojack”.  I like that they work well together, even when they disagree.  And they do disagree.  The plot in The 9th Girl is strong.  The way they finally catch the serial killer is clearly just a stroke of…  Well, I can’t call it good luck, considering the curcumstances.  But it was clearly just a stroke of the author being on their side.  On the other hand, I guess they were due for some luck somewhere in this story.  Besides, really, if the author isn’t going to be on the side of the hero, who is?   


Favorite Scene:  Nikki Liska tries not to kill Kyle’s principal.  


Favorite Quote: “You have to kill a zombie by killing it’s brain,” Elwood explained. “It’s not that easy.”


Enjoyability: A solid four starts.   


Where to read this book:  Still in the air conditioning for me.  


Further reading:  Someone recommend C.J. Box recently.  I may give that one a shot.  



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