The Ruins of Gorlan – Review

Currently on Loan from the Library:

The Ruins of Gorlan by: John Flanagan

The Gone Away World by: Nick Harkaway

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by: Winifred Watson

The Gods of Heavenly Punishment by: Jennifer Cody Epstein

The Gift of Rain by: Tan Twan Eng

Fire Along the Sky by: Sara Donati

Other Books I’m Reading:

 Anathem: by Neal Stephenson. 

Okay, I’m just going to own it.  I’m not much on Young Adult anything.  I wasn’t much of a fan even when I was in right age group.  Sure, I read Harry Potter, and really enjoyed all the books.  Other than Harry, I haven’t touched a new YA book since I was a teen.  Maybe younger.  I still keep the old standbys standing by.   On the other hand, I’m a sucker for a good sword and sorcery epic.  I always have been.  So when one of my sisters recommended The Ranger’s Apprentice series I decided to give it a try.  I am so glad that I did.  John Flannagan’s The Ruins of Gorlan is a lively and charming read that reminds me pleasantly of the summer I was eleven and completely obsessed with Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain.   

 The main character of The Runis of Gorlan is Will, a fifteen year old orphan just about to have his future decided.  One of the Craftmasters needs to choose him to be their apprentice, or he will be sent to work on a farm.  Will is set on going to Battleschool and becoming a warrior, even though he doesn’t have the build to be a warrior.  It quickly become apparent that none of the Craftmasters want Will.  Then Halt the castle Ranger shows up and ends up taking Will under his wing.  Rangers in this incarnation are the feisty, smart, and extremely competent CIA of the kingdom.  Being a Ranger turns out to be an excellent career choice for Will.  Then Will and Halt go out and have adventures.

This book is a very promising start to a much longer series.   So I won’t give away too much.  I will say that the characters are well written, and believable.  I suspect Jenny is destine to be one of my favorites.  The action is plausible and interesting.   I can’t wait to turn these books over to my sons in a few years.   I will absolutely be reading the rest.

Enjoyability:  Five stars, and a fond sigh for that summer when I was eleven.  


Where to read this book: Laying on a blanket in the sun. 


Further reading: I made the mistake of acquiring some new bookshelves this week, which led to the reorganizing of the library, which led to my must read pile growing yet again.   I’ve really got to stop moving books around our house.  


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    You are wise in the ways of the Library.

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