Triggers – Review

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Ranger’s Apprentice by: John Flanagan

The Gone Away World by: Nick Harkaway

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The Gods of Heavenly Punishment by: Jennifer Cody Epstein

The Gift of Rain by: Tan Twan Eng

Fire Along the Sky by: Sara Donati

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Anathem: by Neal Stephenson.

Triggers by Robert J. Sawyer is 80% of a fantastic novel.  The characters are believable.  The plot moves along at a steady pace.  There are plenty of red herrings and surprises.  There is simply no excuse for happy slappy dappy sloppy ending.  The old trope Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies, would have been an improvement on the ending had the author really run out of ideas.

Triggers starts with the President of the United States giving a speech about several major terrorist attacks that have happened in U.S.  Think three or four September 11th size events.  As the President tries to comfort and encourage the ravaged country, he is shot, and rushed to the hospital.   Things are touch and go in operating theater.

Meanwhile, a young man, recently returned from his military tour in the Middle East is undergoing a new experimental treatment to rid him of his debilitating flashbacks.

Also, a guard on the White House roof finds one of the bombs that has been used to blow up buildings in Chicago, and other cities.  These are not nuclear bombs.  Instead they are very hot explosions, that carry an unusual electromagnetic pulse.    The bomb goes off, which causes the mental experiment to go wrong, and 21 people in the President’s surgery theater and surrounding area are suddenly walking around with someone else’s memories in their heads.

There are some fantastic scenes in Triggers.  For instance, the President ends up with the memories of the young veteran who was the focus of the mental experiment.  Naturally the veteran asks to met the President.   The Secret Service Agent in charge, who is walking around with some extra memories too, works it out.  The veteran walks in and triggers his horrific memories of battle for the President.  The whole scene was a very strong piece of writing.

Likewise all the scenes of the surgery nurse who’s memories are being read by one of the surgeons are very strong.   He rescues her from an abusive relationship.  There are also some very touching scenes of a black Secret Service Agent who has to shepherd a bigoted white Granny around while reading her memories.

Then there is the ending.

Enjoyability:  Before the ending, it was at least a four star book The ending was about one star.  So in total I’m giving it three stars and one prolonged raspberry.  


Where to read this book: Somewhere far away from things you can stab with in frustration.    


Further reading: The Library had so much great stuff today, I really don’t know.  



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