Three Cowls

Once again it must seem that I’ve forgotten how to knit.  I haven’t.  With moving houses, I haven’t had anywhere to pin out my work.  So now I have a back log of knitting posts.

Having moved back to the midwest, and wonderful wonderful snow, I have come to appreciate the beauty of the cowl.  They’re warm.  They stay in place.  If they’re long, they’re helpful in wind.  They are fantastic.  So naturally I made one and ended up making a total of four.

The first one was this green number.  It’s a long broken rib stitch cowl made from Misti Aplaca’s Pima Cotton and Silk Worsted.  I have a special place in my stash for the Pima Cotton and Silk Worsted.  It’s one of those yarns that I buy in every color they have when I DCIM100SPORTfind it on sale.  It’s so very soft.  I have only made two projects out of it so far.  But I love and wear both of them all the time.  I admit.  The yarn does shed.  I know some people find that upsetting   However, I’ve found that the shedding generally stops after the first washing.  Plus it’s so comfortable to wear it’s like taking your favorite baby blanket with you everywhere.  In a slightly more mature form.  I really enjoyed this cowl pattern too.  The pattern is simple to keep track of, and easy to understand.   Here is the free pattern link:   I wear this project everywhere, and I’ve gotten tons of complements on it.  I may have to make myself another one in a slightly different color though.  Acid green doesn’t go with as much of my wardrobe as I’d hoped.

The second cowl is one that in no way should work.  And I know that.  I made this one from left overs of three yarns.  One cotton sock yarn.  One DK weight soy yarn that I got from a grab bag sale.  One solid purple wool based sock yarn left over from a shawl project earlier this year.  It’s a simple knit sitch with barber pole stripe.  But somehow it worked out.   DCIM100SPORTIt’s got nice drape.  It is holds snug around the face when it’s worn up.  Which is nice for windy days.  And it’s comfortable to wear.  I like the lighter weight for warmer days.  I also like that it’s an experiment that worked out.  Finally.  Not everything I knit as an experiment turns out so well.  The thing  I like least about this one is that it does not photograph well.  At least not for me.  I’ve taken about 500 pictures of it.  This one is the best of a bad lot.  So there we are.  I tried to get closer so everybody could see  the lovely variegation in the cotton sock yarn.  Purple, green, and orange.  No dice.

Finally there is this little blue number.  Made out of Lion brand recycled cotton yarn.   DCIM100SPORTIt’s a short one.  I mostly wear it around the house.  I got this pattern free too.  Here is the link.  I would have made this one longer, but I just flat out ran out of yarn.  Still I really like it.  Also, my four year old thinks it makes a great turban.  Kids.

There is another cowl waiting to be washed and pinned in my stack of finished objects.  That’s going to have to wait a couple of days.  So hopefully look for it later this week.  Along with a lovely half circle shawl I can’t wait to wear.


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