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For Timmie (Who is pretty sure I’ve forgotten how to knit.)

Finally it is time for another knitting post!

During the summer I often like to knit bigger projects.  Provided the AC is working.  Mostly I can’t wear knits between late June and Mid-September anyway.  So the instant gratification aspect goes out the window, and I can concentrate on things with longer time requirements.  Like the “Bird’s Nest Shawl” from “Folk Shawls” by Cheryl Oberle.  Which I completed yesterday and blocked last night.  Here are the pictures.

I really like looking at “Folk Shawls” There are so many lovely looking projects. But this is the first one I’ve completed from a book I’ve had for about two years. Why? I’m one of those knitters who is perfectly willing to settle for a similar look in a finished object, if it means I don’t have to deal with the constructions headaches. For instance, the “Bird’s Nest Shawl” has a 346 stitch cast on. I must have counted to 346 fifty times trying to get it on the needles. Now once it was there, it was a pretty simple knit. And totally worth it in the end. There is another one in the book that my friend Kelly really likes. I’ve toyed with making it for her. However, somewhere in the middle I would have to pause and pick up 262 stitches. Maybe next summer. Maybe never.

Other than that, I wonder what the editors and Interweave are thinking. It’s fine to have an entire book where the author uses obscure independently grown, spun, and marketed yarn. It’s lovely stuff. I wish I could afford it. But then, include the weight of the yarn used. It renders the patterns much less practical when I have to chase down a manufacture I’ve never heard of just so I can figure out a good substitute yarn.

Moving on. I have three other small projects that need to be blocked. Including one cowl that is probably a post all by itself. I’m seeing another night spent with the blocking pins. For now, I’ve started “Bigger on the Inside”. Which I’ve been wanting to make since it first came out in their Spring and Summer 2012 issue. Here’s the link:

And before anybody points it out. Yes. I know I’ll have to pick up 311 stitches in the middle. I don’t care. I grew up firmly believing my name should have been Sarah Jane. I want this shawl. Plus the yarn is the perfect shade of blue. And who can resist that?????

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