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On House Hunting

Oh, I have let my blog go too long without a post.  The shame!  We’ve been house hunting in our new location.  Which eats more time than a brand new video game.  Also, I admit with the heat and lack of rain I have a serious case of the summer doldrums.  I keep checking out books from the library, and not reading them.  Which is so unlike me.

I think the biggest problem with house hunting is probably the initial misnomer.  “Hunting”.  It sort of indicates you should be able to stalk your prey, shoot it, and have want you wanted.  But no.  Even as I type my desk is covered in Pro/Con lists.  This is not hunting.  This is an investigation.  The house we both love is too small. We’d need to build a really nice library in back for our books.   The house with the great back yard needs lots of work.  The house with the best price is still stuck 70’s.  The house that seems to make the most sense only has a one car garage, and an odd back yard.  The house that is the closest to perfect in every way, is marked way up.  I don’t need a realtor.  Even though ours is great, and very patient.  I need a computer geek, an ex CIA agent, and two guys with huge guns.   It’s not a hunt.  It’s a mission.

See, this is one of those things that oldest children are not good at.  And the Big Guy and I are both oldest children.  If I was house investigating with my middle sister, this would be easy.  She’d pick one that she loved, and barring any major structural issues, that’s the one we’d go with. But oldest kids.  We need all the information.  And then we still don’t make a final decision until we’re sure it’s the right one.  That can take a long time.  A very long time.

On the knitting front, I have half a “Bird’s Nest Shawl” on the needles, half  a baby blanket for a friend on the needles, and the yarn for winter hats for the boys, and the yarn for a Dr. Who shawl on my desk.  They sort of give the Pro/Con lists a lovely topographical feel.  Texture and dimension.  Very important on the modern desk.

Hope everyone out there is doing well, and having a good summer.

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