Mama’s Brand New Bag

I tried.  I really tried to sit down and finish any of the objects I have on the needles right now.  I ended up with two frogged projects, and something that was right, but I couldn’t take looking at it anymore.  So I let it go into hiding.  Lest it also meet with a frogged end.

It became obvious to me that what I really needed to so was clean out some of the corners of my stash.  For hark, my yarn diet is broken, and I have ordered more.  So, while I’m waiting for new yarn to be delivered, I may as well utilize left overs.

First I made up this little number.  Felted wool clutch.  Cute right?  Left overs from the Helps Deep Shawl, and  the Summer Flies shawl, and the blue beanie.  Sadly, not really the sort of thing one carries in June.  I look forward to October.

Then I made some bags for the boys to carry to church from my ever present kitchen cotton stash.  Miles and miles of Stocking knit stich.  I feel so rested.  Now where is that lace shawl I was working on?  And where the heck is the mail person with my yarn???


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