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What to do with this yarn??

Back in February a friend gave me some yarn from a friend of hers.  I always love these sorts of bags.  Sometimes there is something really interesting in them, and sometimes there isn’t, but even if I don’t keep the contents of the bag it’s always like a yarn treasure hunt.  Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt?  Most of the bag in question was passed on to someone I know who does charity knitting.  However there was one piece of treasure I kept.  100% Wool.  Lovely, lovely wool.  It is too much for words.  Here is a picture:

Have you ever seen anything more deserving of knitting?  It’s just fantastic!  In an admittedly retro 70’s sort of way.  Now the problem.  I can’t decide what to do with it.  I’m afraid lace would be lost in the color.  Cables too.  I don’t know if I’d ever wear the cowl, mitts, and hat I could make from them.  It’s not enough for an afghan.  Not enough for a sweater.  Too thick for socks.  Although how cool would those be???  I welcome suggestion.

Also, we’re moving to Missouri in three weeks.  So I doubt there will be much reading and reviewing, or knitting for the rest of the month.  I will try.  I’m sure I will need the de-stressing.  There are a couple of things on the needles now.  We will see.  But if I don’t post, it’s not because I’ve gone A.W.O.L.  I’ll be back.  Hopefully early in May. Wish me luck.

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