Helms Deep

I actually finished the Helms Deep shawl about a week and a half ago.   DH is taking a new call, which will mean a move halfway across the country.  So I have been packing, and sorting and packing some more.

I really love the Helms Deep pattern.  I think it would look really pretty as a lace weight scarf too.  But that project is going to have to wait until after the move.  Here are the pictures of my shawl.

I love it.  And I feel like Eowyn when I wear it.  So it’s all good.  Except it’s too warm here to wear it now.  Argh!  Spring!   Only a knitter dislikes spring.

Stay tuned.  After the move I plan on getting back to my reading.  But right now, days go by where I just don’t have the time.  Also, books are easy to pack early.  So I’m a little short of material right now.


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  1. That’s a gorgeous shawl pattern!

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