To Die For – Review

Currently on Loan from the Library:

The Forever War  by: Joe Haldeman 

The Crown by Nancy Bilyeau

The Death of Kings by Bernard Cornwell (Hooray!!)

Other Books I’m Reading:

I’ve been knitting, and not so much with the reading this week.  Also, I have been trying to find a book free for download that I can stomach long enough to write a review.  Either I’m not trying very hard, or there isn’t much out there.  Suggestions welcome.

I read Sandra Byrds’ historical novel To Die For.  I can’t review it.  I just can’t.  The blood bath might leak onto my keyboard.  It’s a good keyboard.  To Die For is one of those novels where the more or less historically named lady falls in love with the more or less historically named man, and they can’t be together for 99% of the book.  And then they can.  There is a good deal of futzing around in very detailed period clothing at more or less historically portrayed places and events.  Toward the end Anne Boleyn loses her head.  Like you knew she would.  In short, I can’t believe I read the whole thing.

After that I did start the Ken Follett book I had.  Then Library called and said my Bernard Cornwell book was in.  Then then there was a happy dance and some snickering from the peanut gallery.  Then I went to the Library.  Which means at some later date I will have to give Ken Follett a try again.  In all fairness.  But not this week.  I’m 12 pages in to The Death of Kings and the body count is already at 13.  I just love how this guy writes.

Enjoyability:   Half a star.  I don’t know how it got published.

Where to read this book:  Nowhere that you will be seen with it.

Further reading: Bernard Cornwell.  And then some other stuff.


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