A pair of Aces… I mean hats.

I’m in the middle of a long project right now.  It’s a shawl called Helms Deep.  I admit, I’m a sucker for projects with Tolkienian names.  Well, within reason.  Let’s face it, a shawl called Mount Doom, probably not something I’d go for.

While the shawl is going well, it’s just a long project.  Lot’s of Bobbles and lace pattern work.  Which is great and interesting to knit.  But sometimes even a knitter just wants to veg.   So I made a couple of hats to break up the work a little.  They have the added advantage of being totally from the left over yarn pile.  So using up yarn, plus lovely hats.  I am full of win.  Here they are:

I’m partial to the green one, but they both look good on me, and stay on my head.  I may become a hat person after all.

I’d like to say that I made the pattern.  I didn’t.  I modified a pattern that my father choose for a hat I knitted for him last week.  It’s a really nice pattern.  Versatile too.  Dad’s hat was navy blue sock yarn, and didn’t have the lovely little contrasting pattern on the brim.  Go figure.  Mine are both made of worsted weight yarn, and I modified the size and brim to make them work for me.  Here is the ravelry link to the free pattern if anyone else wants to give them a try, I’ll be happy to share my notes on the mods.


Now I’m so looking forward to getting to the end of Helms Deep for another reason.  I want the leftovers for another hat.  I’m thinking Oatmeal with a dark blue pattern.  Hmmmm.   I have to go work on a shawl now.


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