Viral Knitting

Twice in the last year or so, I’ve looked at a shawl pattern and thought “Nah”.  Only to have it instantly go viral on me.  The first one was the Traveling Woman shawl by  Liz Abinante.  No way was I going to knit that.  Then two women in my knitting group made it up, and I started seeing it on Ravelry all the time.  Gradually it grew on me.  I ended up knitting three in different weights.  They’re great.  I admit it.  It’s a lovely pattern.  Flexible, attractive.  Liz knows her stuff.

The second one was Summer Flies by Holly and Ella Knits.  The first time I saw the pattern I thought it looked to fussy for me to wear.  So why would I bother knitting it?  Bamf!  The whole world was knitting it up.  The girls at knitting, and pretty much everyone on Ravelry.  Then I had to travel last week for a family emergency.  What to take?  I didn’t have anything on the needles that would be easy to carry and work on.  I did have some lovely wool my husband bought for my birthday, and a Summer Flies pattern that suddenly didn’t look so bad to me.

It worked out wonderfully.  The pattern was interesting enough to keep my interest, but not so intricate that there was cussing.  Well, there was some.  Mostly under my breath during the bind off.  Picot is my least favorite bind off.  But it looks great.  I’m pleased.  Who knew?

It does kind of make me wonder though.  What will I dislike next?


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  1. I love this. I made one but in worsted weight yarn. Yours looks much better. The color is beautiful.

  2. Your work is beautiful once again. It’s a wonderful pattern and not too fussy. I like it and it will be beautiful on your shoulders.

  3. Really beautiful. We all reserve the right to change our minds!

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