Back to Reality

Currently on Loan from the Library:

City at the End of Time  by Greg Bear

Madame Tussaud  by Michelle Moran (Mostly because the woman on the cover had huge hair.  Massive.)

Other Books I’m Reading:

Of Nobel Birth by Brenda Novak – Free with Kindle app.  

Alright, I admit it.  I’ve sort of taken the last couple of weeks off.  Christmas is always crazy in our parsonage.  Good crazy.  But still crazy.   

Now, the Christmas Tree is down, the advent calendar is put away, the preschooler is back at preschool, and all the fake pine needles have been vacuumed up. So I’m back.   

Over the holidays I did finish one book.  The first book I’ve ever read completely on the iPad.  Which I guess is a small accomplishment of sorts.  A Cold Day for Murder seems to be the fist book in the Kate Shugak Mysteries by Dana Stabenow.    Previously, I remember writing that Dana had one of the highest death to pages ratios I’d ever seen.  I was waiting for the starting pistol here too, but was surprised with a total of three deaths.  Only two of them murders.  Still and enjoyable read.  And a solid recommend for anyone who enjoys a good mystery.  

I do wonder though.  I’ve noticed that many of the Kindle, Nook, and iBooks that are offered for free are romance novels.  I’ve also seen at least two articles lately on the spike in romance novels as ebooks.  Seems we women really want to read romance novels, but are too ashamed to read them openly.  But of course on the ereader of your choice no one knows what you’re reading.  

I’ve been tempted because of this trend to download a bunch of romance novels, basically anything I can get for free, and review them here.  I kind of wonder how they are.  In fact maybe that is my new years resolution.  Every dead tree edition reviewed comes with an ebook review.  Hummm.  Food for thought.  

In the mean time I’m on a Science Fiction kick this week.  Anyone know where I can get a copy of  The Gone Away World  by Nick Harkaway?  I’ve heard good things.  

Enjoyability:  Four stars.  Although I’m sort of missing the body count in this one.    

Where to read this book: It is safe for the coffee house.  

Further reading: How about This Shared Dream by Kathleen Ann Goonan?  Although I hear I need to pick up In Times of War first.  Love Kathleen.  She’s just really hard to find around here.  


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  2. Thank you!

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