When the reviewer doesn’t feel like reviewing.

The Christmas knitting is basically done.  Which is to say that it was done, but then I added a couple of projects.  Why?  Because I love to knit, and they are projects for people I know will appreciate them.  Plus a little stash busting is  a good for the soul.  So actually, a win win for me.

I have been reading too.  But to be honest, none of it has been anything I wanted to review in depth.

I started Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman by Robert K. Massie.  I didn’t finish it.  I know it’s been well reviewed.  I know they’ve done NPR interviews etc. etc. etc.  Sorry.  I’ve read about Catherine before.  I don’t necessarily consider her that Great.  Plus, I’m a Midwesterner.  So anytime I read about Holsteins, I’m not thinking about German nobles.   The first 150 pages left me with a serious case of the who-really-cares-anyhows.

I started and finished The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory.   Historically Margret Beaufort Tudor Stafford Stanley is reckoned to be a hard and difficult woman who was set on recapturing the English throne for her son.  We know she was successful as her son Henry VII founded the Tudor line with Elizabeth York as his bride.   Turns out the fictional internal thoughts of this woman are either a very good read, or a very trying one.  I found them trying.  377 pages of inveighing against the Yorks and arguing with at least one perfectly good husband.  Bah.

I brought home The Sisters by Nancy Jensen mostly as a joke.  Bill told me to see if there was anything on the new books shelf that would interest him.  I brought him fraught chick fic.  It was funny at the time.  Then I ended up reading it for reasons passing understanding.  It’s not bad.  She doesn’t go for the obvious ending, which I appreciate.  I don’t know that it’s inspired me to keep an eye open for any of her other work.  Still, it wasn’t a total waste of two or three days.

I’ve moved on to Snuff  by Terry Pratchett.   I confess I have a soft spot for anything Discworld.  Terry just makes me laugh.  I can always use the levity.  After all, how serious can life be when you are riding through the cosmos on the back of four elephants balanced on a turtle?

Also, how do we like the new blog theme?  I decided it was time to try looking like a grown up.  I’m sure it will pass.


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