Same Old Hank

I haven’t been posting much lately because, well, I’ve been Christmas knitting.  Which is sort of like Fight Club.  First Rule:  You don’t talk about Christmas Knitting.

Still, I’ve managed to fit in a project of two for myself.  I had this hank of Yarn Pirate DK Weight yarn, which just looked so cheerful.  My last pair of Susie’s Reading Mitts was mistaken for casts three different times in one day.  So I decided I needed a slightly longer pair in a color other than cream.  The Yarn Pirate yarn, and Susie’s Mitts were made for each other.  I love how they came out.  Not as purple as I would have guessed from the yarn in the hank.  But okay.     I had quite a bit of yarn left, so I decided to make a matching cowl too.  That is where the weirdness kicked in.  The colors started pooling, but the more I knit, the more I liked how it looked.  So what’s a girl to do?   I finished the project.  And I loved how it came out too.   Look.   I found all the purple!

I can’t wait to wear it.  Now the problem.  They don’t really match.  Same exact hank of yarn, does not match.   See.  

I mean sure, they don’t clash.  But it’s not really a match.  No doubt I will be wearing them together anyway.  They’re very cheerful. 

More importantly, I had less than a yard of yarn left.  Ha!  Sometimes I impress myself.  

I have also been reading.  I didn’t finish Doc by Maria Doria Russell.  Which is very sad to me.  I will have to check it out again.  It was really shaping up well.  I did finish The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory.  It’s not really a rave, but I’ll get into that later this week.  After I’ve met my Nanowrimo count.


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