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It’s finally feeling like fall here.  Which is great.  It makes me want to knit even more.  So I’ll be warm you understand.

The bulk of my knitting lately has been thing that I can do in line while I wait to pick one or the other of the boys up from school.  Like these little felted bowls for the yarn tidbits I generate.  I used the left overs from the Chinese Restaurant mitts.  What could be better?  They are very handy, and of course in my colors.

But of course, you only need so many felted bowls.  So I’ve also embarked on my very first socks.  The first one I tried came out big enough for my husband to wear, so I frogged it and started again.  I’m much more hopeful about try number two.  If it doesn’t fit my, I’m sure it will fit my sister Amy, who is eminently knitworthy.  Right now they are looking a little long to me.  So I hope she likes the pagan orange and the ecclesiastical purple.  Either that or my feet are bigger than I thought.

As sort of an exercise, and partially just to see if I could do it, I also designed and knitted this shawl.  The stich is originally a modification of a stich called Papyrus.  Which led me to title the shawl the Pyro’s Papyri.  I’m not all that good at titles.  At least not for my knitting.  The girls in my knitting group assure me that it looks more like Cathedral Windows.  So, I guess the  title is still a work in progress.   This shawl is done in Berroco DK Vintage.  Which as yarn goes, I have seriously come to love.  It’s soft, washable, but not plastic feeling.  Big thumbs up.

I want to make the shawl again in a lace weight, or a fingering weight before I do anything more with it.  It will be a good stash buster for me, and give me a chance to work on the edging a little.  The nice part about this pattern is that it can be as big as you want it, as long as you line up the repeats correctly.  I always like patterns like that.  I only put one repeat of the edging on.  In the future I suspect I recommend at least three repeats.  But of course that is only a suspicion until I actually try it.  Sooooooo……  I guess I better go get knitting on that.

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