Chinese Restaurants and Stash

I am a notebook girl.  I carry a small one everywhere.  Sometimes it is a moleskin.  More often it is a diary style book I picked up for three dollars or less in the clearance aisle of Target.  When I fill these books up with my random thoughts

 and notes to myself, I stick them in a drawer in my home filing cabinet and break out a new one.  I love breaking out a new one.  I have a stack of empties.

Most of the time my notebooks are filled with scrawl, and badly rendered designs.  Lately my oldest has also added his name over and over and over again, filling the margins with his outsized tilting Kindergarten letters.  Any future daughter in law happening across these books in a hundred years when she helps the boys clean out our house will surely take them as proof of what was obvious to her all along.  Her mother in law was a nut.  A nice nut (I hope).  But a nut none the less.

Still every once in a while in the haphazard notes of a very busy woman, there appears a small glint of genius.  Okay not genius.  Call it translatable whimsy.  Such is the case with my latest knitting project.

About a year ago the guys and I went to a local Chinese Restaurant.  We don’t go out much for Chinese around here, so I think we’d been to this particular restaurant maybe once before.  They had a red and gold lattice up that I really liked, and jotted down in the note book.

At the time I was working on lace projects, and I tried to make it lace.  It didn’t work out.  The swatches were all just, well, ugly.  So I didn’t take it any farther.  Really, nobody wants an ugly lace design.

Then four or five months ago, I went to a stash busting sale down at Gate City Yarns in Greensboro.  At that sale I bought, among other things, one hank of Cascade 220 in a shade of green I can only call pea pod, and a hank of Louet Riverstone in purple.  Both for a dollar.  The two have been hanging out in my stash together ever since.  Friendly.  Happy.

While I was working on Bill’s hat last month I had a brilliant idea.  Fair Isle could work for the lattice pattern, where lace had not.   So I set to work and came up with my Chinese Restaurant Mitts.  I am so pleased!  Sure, if I make another pair, I’ll be reworking the thumb gussets a little.  All in all I’m thrilled, and very bright.  I can’t wait to wear them out and about.

October is on the way!!!  


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  1. I love them! Good job.

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