The Finisher

I go through periods where I can’t cast on too many projects.  Then I run out of needles in the right sizes and realize that I’ve over extended.   This doesn’t stop me from mentally queuing up dozens of projects that I have the yarn to create.   There are two in the mental que right now, as well as two on the needles still.  One with a deadline.  Then there are other weeks when I get tired of the mess on my desk and decide that I am going to start getting things off the needles.  Not that they’ll be put to use right a way.  Wool in July is rarely a good idea.   On the other hand, if we get a sudden cold snap, I like to be prepared.

Off the needles this week we have a pair of baby projects that I’d been working on.  A baby hat in 128 Superwash, and a baby vest in Crystal Palace Cotton Flamme.  I thinking they came out super cute.  I’d been trying to use up some of my leftovers.  The 128 had already made one baby hat, and I still have like a toddler slipper worth left.  If anyone needs it.  I really like most Cascade Yarn offerings.  The 128 Superwash is no exception.

Crystal Palace is another story altogether.  I got the Cotton Flamme on deep discount a couple years ago.  I was new enough to higher end yarn at the time to not realize there was a reason the shop was willing to sell ten skien bags of the stuff at 1$ a skein.  The yarn was discontinued.  I understand why.  It’s a mercerized cotton.  Which is normally nice.  But this particular yarn is lumpy, and sort of s snot to work with if you aren’t used to it.  Since I bought two bags of the stuff, I am now used to it.  It wears well.  It washes well.  One of  Giddy’s favorite blankets is made of the stuff. I can’t wait to get the last couple of skeins out of my stash.  If anyone has pattern suggestions I am listening.

I’ve also tried and like working with Crystal Palace Bamboozled.  But their Bunny Hop makes my hands itch so bad that I have two skeins in baby blue in my stash that I can’t even look at.

In other finishing news, I decided to clean out some red wool I’d had hanging out in my stash forever.

So now I have this lovely shawl.  Can’t wait for fall.  In about six months.

I should go finish some other things now.  Like……the dishes.  Very exciting.


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