The Random Drive By Reader

With the advent of summer new reading challenges come my way.  Gone is that quiet hour after dropping B off to school.  The hour that G used to fill with some sort of semi education cartoon and I used to fill with a good book and my second cup of coffee.  Gone are those few precious minutes when B would practicing his letters, and G was tucked in for the night.  Instead it’s all “Mommy, how would a Streptococusflipptosaurus sound?  Make the noise pleeeeeaaasseee.”

Because of this I have become a random drive by reader.  I have no less then five books around the house that I am part of the way through.  One next to the bed, one in the bathroom, two on the e-reader, and one hidden on my path to the kitchen.  They are, in no particular order, historical fiction, mystery, mystery, classic, and non-fiction.  These days I read standing over the stove, and just before bed, and sitting on the edge of the tub while G tries to use the potty.  At night I dream of Viking raiders attacking a national park in Alaska where John Adams lives with Robert E. Lee, and Irene Adler.

The knitting hasn’t been going with my usual speed or dispatch either.  Although I did manage to finish this hat for Bill this week.   I’d only promised it to him two or three years ago.  I actually bought the yarn last year about this time.  Good thing he’s a patient man.

The boys and I have been having a great time too.  There are trips to the Science Center, and playing in the garden hose.  We planted flowers and tomatoes in pots on the back porch.  Also, one stick the Earth Day people said was a pine tree.  I’d never had much faith before in a plant that was handed to me in a flat brown paper bag.  Still the little thing seems to be flourishing.  In fact that pine tree is doing better than some of the tomatoes.

I’m going to go have some lemonade now, and think about NaNoWriMo now.  Not because November is one the way, but because I can.

Also, if anyone has a good recording of a Streptococusflipptosaurus could you send it my way.  I need to practice.


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