6 million dollar redux.

In the end I used the first iPad case for a week and decided that I didn’t like it.  Oh, it’s cute enough.  But it doesn’t really cover the iPad as well as it could.  Okay, so experiment one, not such a good ending.  So I went for round two.  This time I went with some mercerized cotton, left over from making Billy a baby blanket, and some buttons saved from several pairs of pants.   This is the result……

    I’m actually really pleased.  It stays shut all the way, which my last attempt did not.  It has a snug fit.  Which the last one did, but only in some places.  I also like the side closure better than the top closure.  Bill thinks it has too many buttons.

I think if I try another one, not that I will, there will be cables.  But really, how many iPad cases does one iPad need?   Friend Timmie seems to think there should be felting involved.  I don’t know.  My shrinkage calculations aren’t always very exact.   I’d probably end up with something really cute for an iPhone instead.

As I came off that relative knitting success, I started on something I’d been meaning to get around to for years.  The classic Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi shawl with the diamond lace.  I’ve made other Pi shawls over the years that I do use. It seemed like a natural low key project that I could knit from my stash.   However, I didn’t end up doing the outer ring, since I was working in a heavier cotton, I thought it was getting to big.  And I was right.  If I had finished as instructed I would have had a football field doily.  So, I took it off the needles, and blocked it.  Which should have been great.  But I don’t know.  I don’t like it.  Worse, I don’t think that the outer ring would have made a difference.  I’m actually thinking it would have made it worse.

So, who needs a green cotton football field doily.  I have just the thing for you.  And you can even machine wash it.

Oh yes!  For anyone keeping count that is now 12 million dollars I’ve saved on an iPad cover.  Very very frugal.  Really.


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