6 million dollar iPad sleeve.

Part of what I love about knitting it that I can decide what I want to make, and then make it in the color and style I want.  It can’t be helped.  I’m an oldest child. Sometimes I want exactly what I want exactly when I want it.  The knitting helps me keep my tyrannical tendencies suppressed.  Just think.  If Stalin’s Granny had taught him how to knit, the world could have been a whole different place.  There’s a book there somewhere.

The Lutheran part of me loves knitting for another reason.  I save all those tiny balls of yarn I end up with after a project.  I have a bag of them.  Most knitters do.  Even if you are ultra accurate in your yardage calculations, sometimes the yarn you want to use doesn’t come in balls exactly the right size.  Besides, it’s always safest to buy a little more than you think you are going to need.  It saves you that horrible feeling of having almost finished a project, and then run out of  yarn.  Thus, I am always on the lookout for projects that will help me empty my overflowing leftovers bag, but will also be useful.  No one needs a bookmark made out of bulky yarn, or a wool wash cloth.

Meanwhile back at the parsonage this week I developed the need for an iPad sleeve.  After pricing, and shopping around I hit Ravelry and did a search for patterns.  Still seeing nothing I liked I decided it was time to try it on my own.  So I did some measurements, and started to work from my leftover bag.  And this is what I came up with.

The yarn used here represents the leftovers from two shawls, and one scarf.  The buttons were saved from a shirt years ago.  So, the materials cost me $0.  Not to bad.  It did take me about six to eight hours of time to knit this.  Billing that out my normal hourly knitting rate of  1 million dollars an hour, that’s six million dollars that we didn’t have to spend getting me this iPad sleeve.  Now how’s that for a bargain?

Sure, my seams are not all they could be.  And Cotlin is not the best possible yarn to use for fair isle knitting.  It has a tenancy to stretch.  Still I really like the results.

I really can’t wait to tell Bill I didn’t spend six million dollars this week.  He’ll be so pleased.


Posted on May 18, 2011, in around the house, fun, knitting. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I love it! Your are right expensive though. I don’t think I will be asking you to knit any full-length coats or blankets anytime soon!

    • ginnydreadful

      Well, there are certain discounts that could apply to you.

      • Shirley Sorenson

        I hope Bill was really pleased. It’s a good wife who can save so much on a parson’s salary!

        Of course I won’t mention to him that I found a cushioned sleeve with an additional pocket for $5 at a $5 & Below Store.
        My guy was please with that deal after seeing them at Best Buy.

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