Made out like a Pirate Queen

Besides our oldest graduating from Preschool yesterday…. Go Billy Go!  We had a book sale to attend.

We run up to the Chatham book sales every couple of months.  The County Library clears the decks and raises money by selling off their extra and donated books cheap.  We always do our best to get up there when they have a sale weekend.  The earlier the better.  Plus, big bonus, they hold the sales in an old train depot.  So trains still run by.  And the boys like trains.  Also books.

I should note here that Bill and I have very different ways at looking at a book collection.  Which is totally the opposite of how we look at other household items.  I am more likely to buy a household items, say a chair without considering that I will have to move it eventually.  Whereas the part of the book collection that is mine, is more likely to be books I’ve read over and over again, and enjoyed.  It was not always thus.  However once I married a pastor, and realized I could be packing up the book collection at a moments notice for the rest of my life, I got picky about the books I buy.  Bill, on the other hand is more likely to look at the chair and remind me we’re going to have to move that eventually, but when it comes to books he’s a completest.  He wants them all, and he wants them all in the dead tree edition.  So working together we have both more books and more household goods than we should, but not so many it would make it impossible to move at some point in the future.  Cooperation at it’s finest.

In any case, I’m so pleased!   I found a hardback edition of David McCullough’s John Adams in good shape for one dollar.  Also for a dollar I got Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett, cause Pratchett just cracks me up, and The Death of Vishnu by Manil Suri, which I’ve heard good things about.  The McCullough is the one I’m most pumped about.  I’ve been looking for an affordable copy of Adams since I read it about four or five years ago.

I’m also on the look out for a buckram covered edition of Gone with the Wind, which I would be willing to pay up to five whole dollars forPreferably in red or green.  But I’m not that picky.  Also Knitting Around, by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  Although I have a sense it’s going to be easier to get that one through Amazon.  The problem with Amazon is that it takes all the triumph and glory from the find.

And I must have my triumph.  After all.  I am the Pirate Queen!  Ha Ha!


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