Zip, Zap, Zoom

Currently on Loan from the Library:

Nothing.  Nada.  Not a durn thing.  

Other Books I’m Reading:

The Johnstown Flood by David McCullough

So here is the sad truth about my life.  Sometimes I don’t have time to read.  The Dana Stabenow book was shaping up into a very good read when I had to return it to the library.  I didn’t even have time to crack the DeMille book.  That’s how busy I’ve been.  Worse than that, I don’t have any new knitting to post.  Because I haven’t been knitting either.  That is how busy I’ve been.  I’ve hardly done either of my two favorite things in about two weeks.   

Instead of a post about reading today, I will supplement it with quotes from my children.  

In answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
B: “A doctor, a teacher, an astronaut, a firefighter, and a pastor on the weekends.”
G: “A knitter.  And I want to drive bus.”

On seeing red cars in the parking lot.
G: “Ferrari!”
Me: “No, Nissan.”
G: “Oh. Nissan.  Ferrari!”
Me: “No.  Ford.”
G: “Oh. Ford.  Ferrari!”
Me: “No.  Toyota.”
G: “Mommy, need Ferrari!”

B: “Where are you going?”
Me: “To knitting.”
B: “Oh, can I come?”
Me: “Do you knit?”
B: “No, but I drink milk at the coffee shop.”

G: “Go stand in the corner.”
B: “Mom!  G’s trying to give me a time out.”
 Me: “Well, you don’t have to go.  He’s not your parent.”
G: “Go stand in the corner now.”
B: “But Mom.”
Me: “Just ignore him.”
B: “You can’t tell me to stand in the corner.”
G: (big grin). “Go stand in the corner.”
(I did put an end to it at that point.)

Now off to the Library.  

Enjoyability:   A duck, a truck, and two lawnmowers.

Where to read this book:  Read?  Ha.  

Further reading:  We’ll see which of my requests has come in. 


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