How to tell if you are the perfect Lutheran Wife (Not that you would brag about the fact.)

1. Coffee at your house is good, and it’s always fresh and it’s always hot.

2. You always have something cooking in the crock pot. It can be beef, or beef, or maybe beef, or some sort of Mexican seasoned chicken.

3. Your tuna casserole recipe has been tested over at least three generations and never failed.

4. You own at least four cookbooks published by various Lutheran Women’s Groups. Extra points for cookbooks published by Women’s auxiliaries and not the LWML.

5. People gain weight just looking at the dish you brought for the pot luck. And it’s a vegetable side.

6. You own a sewing machine. Doesn’t matter if you use it. You have it.

7. You vacuum.

8. There is a refrigerator in your house always set to the perfect temp for beer. Your husband and his friends suspect it magically refills itself.

9. When you make a bed, it stays made.

10. The junk drawer in your kitchen is alphabetized.

Disclaimer: Even though I wrote the list I fail 2, 7, 9 and 10 outright.


Posted on April 26, 2011, in around the house, fun, list. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Naomi Heselton

    I have to confess my faults, my most grievous faults…I am not a very good Lutheran wife, but I am living in God’s grace. I can only boast of 4 & 6.

  2. I’ve only got 1 & 6 down. I do own a vacuum. Do I get a half point for having one? ;^)

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