A Small Crisis – Thank Heavens.

Last night, about ten minutes after I put Billy to bed he came racing back down the hall in tears.

Billy: “You have to get it out.  You’re going to need something long.”
Me: “What?”
Billy:  “I need a x-ray so you can find it and then you’ll need a really long thing to get it out.”
Me: “Okay, lets settle down.  What did you swallow?”
Billy: “Gum.  It got stuck in my teeth.  And you have to get it out now.”
Me: “When did you swallow gum?”
Billy: “A long time a go.”
Me: “Well, if it was a long time ago it’s probably gone already.”
(His tears dry up instantly.)
Billy: “What?”
Me: “Oh yeah.  I’m sure you pooped it out already.”
Billy: “Really.”
Me: “Sure that’s how your body deals with the food you swallow.  It goes down, and your stomach takes out all the things your body needs.  Then you poop it out.  I’m sure you pooped out the gum too.”
Billy: “Oh.  Okay. I pooped it out.” (Big grin.  And I put him back to bed.)

I think I let him have a blow pop he came home from school with about three weeks ago.  At the time I told him not to swallow the gum.  Next time I’ll be more specific.


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  1. So sweet. Don’t you wish we could solve all of our children’s problems with reassuring words and a kiss and hug?

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